School Dance Info


    • All school rules and policies, including dress code, apply to school activities. See the Student Handbook to review the dress code.

    • Attire must be appropriate for semi-formal/formal events.

    • Dancing style must be appropriate. Students/Guests will be asked to leave the dance if they do not comply.

    • WHS reserves the right to refuse entrance of any guest to any event.

    • There will be light snacks and water, and Kona Ice will be selling snow cones.



    • Buses/Party Vans/Limos need to pull into the faculty lot on Lakeview Canyon Road & pull up to the bridge for drop off. No exceptions.  If they come through the student parking lot, they will be turned away. 
      • These vehicles may be checked by security
    • Students who are driving to the dance may park at the Student Parking lot

    • There will be no physical tickets. Students must bring their student ID to get scanned to enter the dance. Guests must check into the dance with their WHS host using their ID.

    • Students and guests WILL NOT be allowed to leave the dance before 9pm and will not be allowed to leave the dance after 8pm.  No exceptions.

      • Once students leave the dance, they will not be allowed to return

    • Students will not be allowed into the dance without a Student ID card. 



    • All attendees (WHS students and guests) are subject to drug/alcohol testing by school and/or law enforcement personnel. Students/guests who show positive results on drug/alcohol usage tests will be required to leave the activity in the care of parents/guardians, who will be notified by school and/or law enforcement personnel.

    • To ensure the safety of all attendees, light pat downs for all students and purse checks will be done prior to entering the facility

    • The following items are not allowed at the dance and will be confiscated: drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, weapons, canes, chains of any kind, lanyards, phone charging cords, bandanas, non-prescription medication, gum, mints, lighters, matches, markers, ink pens, pencils, sharp objects, water bottles, outside food, liquid items such as mouth wash, eye drops, perfume, body spray, hand sanitizers, travel size products, glue, deodorant, lipstick/chapstick, liquid eyeliner. These items will not be returned.



    • Guests will need a Student ID Card, DMV ID Card, or Driver's License.  
    • All guests must be no older than 20 years and no younger than 14 years. No exceptions.

    • Guests must check into the dance with their WHS host. Guests attending must have an approved guest pass with a photo ID attached on file with the Assistant Principal’s office.