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        Our Philosophy

        The writing center is located on campus in 42F. At the WHS writing center, students may receive help from peer tutors on an array of writing tasks and assignments. 

        Tutors at the WHS writing center do not act as editors or proofreaders, but instead engage students in a learning process where all involved are actively participating. 

        WHS tutors, therefore, are seen as collaborators who assist students with their writing assignments by asking many questions, listening attentively, and providing feedback and guidance in order to promote long sustaining self-editing strategies.

        In a nutshell, the goal of the writing center is to help create better writers, not just better papers. 


        Writing Center Hours

        • Tutoring appointments will be available during lunchtime during the school week.  We recommend students book their first appointment well in advance of an assignment deadline. 

        • How to book an appointment and what to bring:

          • Please bring paper, pen, and the instructions for the assignment you wish to get help with to your tutoring appointment.  These materials are vital for a productive tutoring session.   

          • At this time the online booking process is not available, please report directly to the writing center for first come, first served help.


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