• Physical Education

    Our Westlake Elementary Physical Education (PE) program provides student with 200 minutes of PE instruction every ten school days.  Each PE class is designed to meet PE standards and we use SPARKS curriculum. Students complete physical education units including dance, basketball, and much more. Our PE program emphasizes the importance of physical activity and personal fitness. Fitness is developed through the activities in the lessons which emphasize high amounts of physical activity, continuous movement, and challenges that involve overloading the major muscle groups. Students are provided with opportunities to understand the fitness components, fitness assessment, and the need for a lifetime of physical activity. Fifth-grade students have their first required experience with the California statewide Physical Fitness Test.

    Participation in physical activity also can be an important venue for the social, psychological, and emotional development of children. Social skills and personal responsibility skills are taught and learned with feedback. Physical education classes provide an ideal setting for students to learn and practice appropriate social interactions, suitable ways to express and control emotions, and desirable personal responsibility skills.

PE Grades Explained