Conejo Valley High Vision

  • Conejo Valley High School maintains a student-centered culture where positive relationships are the core of our success. 

    • We break down barriers and build powerful connections with students which encourage personal responsibility, hope, resilience, and academic achievement. 
    • We establish an inclusive, nurturing environment that celebrates diversity and promotes students’ social emotional growth. 
    • We offer students choice and enhanced opportunities to learn and to succeed. 
    • We believe meaningful growth occurs when individuals feel secure, respected, and valued. 
    • We maintain high standards and expectations while recognizing the importance of flexibility in meeting the educational and emotional needs of our students and staff. 
    • We provide real world connections that foster student curiosity and build on student competencies. 
    • We assist students in identifying personal pathways that will lead to productive careers and positive contributions to the community.

School Wide Learning Outcomes

  • Academics • Character • Transition (ACT)

    1.  Academics:

    We believe that achievement in a core curriculum builds the confidence, knowledge, and skills required for a successful adult life. Students will:

    • listen, speak, read and write effectively
    • apply math reasoning skills to solve problems
    • use abstract and critical thinking to analyze problems
    • identify, access, analyze, integrate and use a variety of resources and information 

    2.  Character:

    We believe that character is always a work in progress, and that character is demonstrated through action.  Through action we can make the world a better place for ourselves and others.  Students will: 

    • demonstrate skills to cope appropriately with anger and disappointment
    • take responsibility for their choices and their behavior
    • participate in acts of service to others 

    3.  Transition:

    We believe that all students can be prepared to enter society as adults who make responsible decisions, knowing that every action may have wide reaching consequences.  Students will: 

    • explore personal career options
    • demonstrate positive, cooperative and productive citizenship
    • relate personal choices to their own health, and to the health of the community and planet

Conejo Valley High Mission Statement

  • The Mission of Conejo Valley High School is to engage students in a safe and secure learning environment which emphasizes real world application, collaboration, innovation, self-direction, digital literacy, healthy living, social responsibility and global awareness.