Parking & Directions

  • Sycamore Canyon School
    4601 Via Rio, Newbury Park, CA 91320
    P: 805-498-1573
    F: 805-498-0385

Map to School

  • Directions

    • Take the 101 Exit @ Wendy Drive, Turn Left
    • Make a Right onto Borchard Road
    • Go up and over hill into Dos Vientos Community
    • Make a Left onto Via Las Brisas
    • 3rd Left onto Calle Del Prado
    • At stop sign make a Left onto Via Rio and a right into parking lot of school

    Parking & Traffic Pattern

    Please help keep the students of Sycamore Canyon School safe & be considerate of our neighbors by following the Parking Lot Rules.

    1. VIA RIO PARKING LOT is for “DROPPING OFF” & “PICKING UP” KINDERGARTEN children, “DROPPING OFF” and “PICKING UP” MIDDLE SCHOOL children, and AFTER SCHOOL VANS only. Rear View Mirror Tags will ID K cars (green tag) & TK cars (orange tag). Kindergarten parents are invited to pull up to the curb & wait next to their cars after school so that children can be escorted/watched getting into their cars. Waiting in a yellow zone should be brief – it is for loading & unloading only - stopping NOT ALLOWED. Middle School pick-up does not begin until 3:08 p.m. in the Via Rio loop. Once again, there is no stopping – loading and unloading only. You will be asked to move on through the loop if your child is not outside waiting for you when you arrive.
    2. DEL PRADO LOOP is to be used for DROP OFF by car and pick up by car of 1ST – 5th grade children. Once again, loading & unloading only – no stopping.
    4. Parents wishing to conference with teachers are invited to PARK in the empty parking spaces in the side parking lot along Calle del Prado or front parking lot on Via Rio in the designated visitor spots or on the street. As you know, our staff numbers have increased every year. With construction removing some of our spots this year, the Via Rio parking lot will not accommodate all the staff members. Thank you for your cooperation with this.
    5. Students that walk home or ride bikes use the GATE by child care on the Via Rio side of the campus. Bike riding is at your own risk; student must be 3rd grade up, MUST wear helmets and MUST lock bikes in bike racks.
    6. Please see MAP for TRAFFIC GUIDELINES created by the City, Conejo Valley School District Office and Sycamore School Site Council. The path is right-hand turns only. It may have you drive a little out of your way, but it should create a smoother drop off & pick up system with everyone following the same path. The other key to success is for Middle School parents to wait until 3:10 before coming to school.
    7. Once again, it will be important for parents to remind their children to use the sidewalks – NOT cut through the parking lot to meet you at your car on Via Rio or Mirabella.

    Street map

    Let’s All Work together to Keep Sycamore Students Safe

    • NO left hand turns into Via Rio lot.
    • Students traveling by car are to be dropped off or picked up on the campus ONLY. (Del Prado 1-5th) and Via Rio (TK/K & Middle School – please hang the appropriate Pick Up ID tag from your rear view mirror). Campus supervision is only provided on campus. Please remember that the #1 priority of ALL campus supervisors is your child’s safety
    • DO NOT drop off or pick up students while moving in the loop. Not only does it slow down the loop, but is dangerous.
    • Be considerate of our neighbors by not allowing your children to wait in front of neighbors’ homes or park in front of them as well.
    • If you want an unsupervised drop-off or pick-up, think about having your child cross at Via Rio & Del Prado with the crossing guard or Via Rio & Mirabella.
    • Drive Slowly & Cautiously
    • Please DO NOT Block Our Neighbors’ Driveways