• Campus Safety Assistant Responsibilies

    What do Campus Safety Assistants (a.k.a. Campus Supervisors) do? Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Supervision of students during periods of morning drop off, recess, lunch, and end of day release

    • Monitor student drop-off/pick-up at gate off Calandria, school parking areas, and guide parking lot traffic as needed

    • Ensure students comply with the health and safety regulations adopted by the District and the respective school site

    • Enforce school and District rules, regulations and policies for the safety and security of students, staff and property

    • Report unusual activities or unauthorized persons on campus to appropriate personnel

    • Monitors campus for unauthorized personnel entry; checks for visitors' passes and directs/escorts general public to the administration office, in accordance with campus sign-in procedures.

Our Campus Safety Assistants

  • Marie Abarca

    Sylvie BosRau

    Tiffany Brown

    Debra Carey  
    Debra Carey  
    Brianna Inman

    Michelle Krol

    Samantha Muscarella

    Jessica Orsigner

    Trisha Price

    Blanca Ramirez  

    Corrine Ramstead