• School Mission Statement

    Families Learning and Working Together

    The mission of the Conejo Valley Unified School District is to meet the academic, cultural, social, and individual needs of students in order to prepare them to make a meaningful contribution to a democratic society. Conejo School’s standards-based education promotes the academic, social and the physical development of all students through the collaborative interaction of teachers, families and students. We give our students the opportunities and tools to succeed.

    Conejo Students will become:

    • Self-motivated learners who have mastered a challenging, core curriculum and believe themselves to be capable, significant and able to mold their own future as they reflect on their personal accomplishments and direct their own thinking.
    • Skillful communicators who are able to readily acquire and effectively express information, ideas and emotions through reading, writing, speaking, listening and use of technology.
    • Problem-solvers who are able to generate practical and innovative solutions to complex problems using critical and creative problem-solving skills.
    • Socially conscientious citizens, who are responsible for their own behavior, are able to work collaboratively, demonstrate honesty, empathy, fairness and respect for others as contributing citizens in their ever-expanding world.

    School History

    Conejo Academy has a rich history. Formerly named Conejo Elementary, Conejo Elementary was the first elementary school in the Conejo Valley. In 1872, John Edwards, who lived in Santa Barbara, met Howard Mills. They purchased land in the Conejo Valley. Howard Mills brought his daughter to California. They had to live in Santa Barbara because there was no school. He started a private school in his home called Triunfo. When other families wanted their children to attend he had the idea of starting a Ventura County public school. In 1877 all the children were counted and found 54 students to start the first school. It was named Conejo School. The original site was near Carl's Jr. on what is now Westlake Blvd. Conejo School moved to the current site in 1924. We are glad that the early families cared for our school.

    The school has added buildings and more students through the years. The school was part of the Valley Oaks School District. Valley Oaks and the Timber School District merged together in 1974 to become the Conejo Valley Unified School District. In recent history we are thankful for help from many families like the Beyer's family. We are grateful for the leadership of our former principals. In honor of one of our principals, Linda Muesella, her family donated funds to starts the Conejo Memorial Garden. Children learn about gardening as well as about the people who have made Conejo Academy a special place. The garden helps us remember teachers like Emily Avery and Mary Lou Crosier. We are all thankful for the difference these families have made for our school.