• Dragon CODE

    With our Dragon CODE firmly in place, our expectations for student behavior are clear and reinforced school-wide.

    The central messages contained in the CODE, define the guidelines for success at school…and in life:

  • Dear Ladera Students,

    Every country has laws to help keep its citizens safe and every school has rules for the same reason.  Some of the rules at school are in place to protect your right to learn in a safe, calm environment.  Just about everything you are going to review with your parents on the following pages falls under one of the guidelines for success defined by The Dragon CODE: 

    • Choose Character – Doing the right thing is something you have to choose to do every day…all day.  At Ladera, we value all the character traits of a good citizen:  kindness, integrity, gratitude, trustworthiness, and cooperation.  Everyone has the right to be safe, to learn and be comfortable at school.  When everyone makes choices that demonstrate these character traits, it can happen!
    • Own your Learning – When you come to school, you have a very important job - LEARNING.  At Ladera, every student is a scholar responsible for demonstrating scholarly behaviors:  thirst for knowledge, perseverance, excellence, being prepared, and responsibility.  Your teachers and parents can’t do this for you. It’s up to YOU! 
    • Demonstrate Respect – Here are some things to remember about respect:
      1. Respect is all about treating other people the way you would like them to treat you:  listen to them, be kind to them, and help them if needed.
      2. Respect is about being polite and having good manners.  It has to do with thinking about other people’s feelings and doing and saying things that will make them feel good.
      3. Listening to the adults at school is also an important part of respect.  When they speak to you…listen.  If they ask you a question…answer it.  The Principal, Teachers, the Campus Supervisors, and the rest of the Staff at Ladera are here to make school a great place for every student. 
    • Envision Success – Set goals for the kind of student you want to be…the kind of person you want to be…the things you want to accomplish. Then work hard to make it happen.  You can do it!  At Ladera, we believe in you!

    As I always say, “You will never regret doing the right thing!”  When we all follow the CODE at Ladera and in life…THAT’s the success I envision!


    Mrs. Wall