Maple Parent Faculty Association (PFA)

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    The Maple Parent Faculty Association (PFA) is a non-profit booster club organization made up of dedicated family members and faculty who supports educational activities at Maple. The PFA's primary objectives include supplementing the education and welfare of Maple students in the home, school, and community, and promoting leadership and responsibility on the local level.

    Three Main Goals

    1. Support the teachers and education in the classroom
    2. Make smart financial decisions
    3. Support the Maple community


    Through fundraising and donations, the PFA is able to preserve programs at Maple that the school would otherwise no longer to be able to afford due to budget cuts at the state and local levels. These programs include: Art Education, Music Education, Technology Equipment, Educational Assemblies, Playground Equipment, Emergency Kits, Field Trips, Family Fun Nights, AND SO MUCH MORE!

    Please Join Us

    Your membership and active participation in the PFA is vital to maintain the rich, diverse quality of educational programs our children continue to enjoy at Maple. Membership is open to all existing Maple families and you are encouraged to get involved. There is no membership fee required, however, donations are greatly appreciated. All members are encouraged to attend and vote at our monthly meetings.

    There are a wide variety of ways to get involved with the PFA, both in and outside of the classroom, and both during and outside of "working hours". No matter what your background or schedule, you have unique talents that can enrich the experience of our children! We are always looking for new programs, ideas, and inspiration! If you'd like to help you, but aren't sure exactly where to start, please place your name on the PFA Volunteer List in the front office.

    Additionally, if you would prefer to make a monetary donation, your tax-deductible contribution will directly support our classrooms and students.

    See our website for more information at: