8th Grade Graduation Requirements

  • Promotion Activities & Ceremony Criteria

    Colina Middle School encourages students to maintain a strong academic focus, diligent study habits, and good citizenship in an effort to support 8th grade students’ successful achievement in middle school.  We understand the need for a structured environment to streamline the transition from middle to high school.  Therefore, Colina has implemented the following requirements for the end-of-the-year activities.  

    To be eligible for participation in optional year end activities, including the promotion ceremony, 8th grade students must maintain the following requirements all year long:


    1. Pass English and Math each semester.

    2. Pass 5 of 6 classes each semester.


    1. 8TH graders who are on the Loss of Privileges (LOP) list 1 out of 2 semesters may not be able to participate in their end-of-the-year activities of Magic Mountain and/or Promotion Dance.

    2. 8th graders who are on the LOP list 2 out of 2 semesters may not be able to participate in their end-of-the-year activities or in the promotion ceremony.


    1. 8th graders who have multiple disciplinary infractions, have been suspended for offenses, have multiple suspensions, or have disciplinary actions regarding vaping and/or being in possession of vaping paraphernalia, will be ineligible to participate in the end-of-the year activities. 


    1. 8th graders with attendance issues that have led to the SARB process will not be allowed to attend end-of-the-year activities.

    Promotion Activities and Ceremony Criteria Contract

    Board Policy 5123 - Promotion/Acceleration/Retention