About Maple

  • We Rise By Lifting Others


    Maple Elementary School offers an inclusive environment that promotes kindness, acceptance, and inclusion of all students,parents, and staff. We are a unified school family that welcomes all students to participate in every aspect of the opportunities that we offer. Students in each grade are members of one of our three HOUSES, which promotes Friendship, Courage and Integrity. Our Monthly House activities promote mentorship and peer interactions throughout the school year!  

    Maple Elementary School opened its doors in 1970 and is home to about 250 students and over 60 staff members. Maple has been an integral part of the community and is located on a large, beautiful, split-level site in an established residential area. Surrounded by a neighborhood constituted of families and local businesses, Maple Elementary School is a neighborhood school with strong community roots.  The philosophy that drives our decisions regarding instruction is summarized in our Mission Statement: Maple Elementary School is dedicated to creating socially conscious student leaders and independent students, supported by our school community, in an inclusive school environment, where every student demonstrates kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. We continue to promote increased collaboration among our students and teachers receiving services in both specialized academic instruction and general education classrooms, as well as every student having a seat in the general education classroom, with access to grade level peers through intentional planning by both the SAI and GE teachers. We are dedicated to promoting the least restricted environment for each of our students at Maple. 

    Our goals for the 2022-2023 school year focus on providing all children with a significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education, and to close educational achievement gaps. We continue to focus on increasing student achievement in the areas of English Language Arts and Math, engaging students in enrichment opportunities, increasing Parent and Family Engagement, and increasing inclusive opportunities for all students.  We are focused on student engagement as we implement the Universal Design for Learning Framework in planning for and implementing lessons, especially in the area of Engagement, which is a district-wide focus. We continue to provide students access to 1:1 devices for learning opportunities, and implementation of consistent SEL lessons each week, as well as monthly SEL assemblies, focusing on students learning important SEL skills. With the support of our Outreach Assistant and Mariposa Parent Center, we welcome all parents on campus,work closely with families to provide them with information about community resources, and offer parent and family engagement opportunities that promote collaboration between home and school. We continue to monitor student attendance and student health, in order to provide each family with access to resources and support that will positively affect our students' ability to engage in academic learning. When one of these areas is lacking, learning loss is negatively impacted. We are called to respond urgently to the needs of our students as we strive to provide the whole child and family with what is needed, so that students are successful. 



    Maple Elementary School is proud to be inclusive:

    You have the POWER TO CHOOSE to be KIND and INCLUDE others!