ASB Sports

  • Sports Leadership ASB

    Sports Leadership is designed to encourage lunchtime participation through sports activities. Student leaders will be responsible for organization and implementation of these activities with their peers.

    Student leaders will learn different leadership styles, their strengths/weaknesses, communication, problem-solving, team building, trust, importance of positive attitude, and accountability.

    Students' Responsibilities

    All students will assist with the below-listed responsibilities:

    8th grade students:

    • Will organize, coach, and referee all 6th grade intramural activities. Organization includes lists, publicity (both posters and announcements), accurate sign-ups, drafting of teams, and rules orientation for participants, ordering of food and beverages for celebrations, posting of regular season schedule and tournament brackets.
    • Be captain of their 8th grade intramural team.
    • Organize and get permission slips to students for Teen Center field trips.
    • Organize, publicize, and work the Turkey Trot, Rabbit Run Relay, Jog-a-thon (including the assembly), and the 5K Classic.
    • Assist with organization of Spirit Night.

    7th grade students:

    • Will organize all 7th grade intramurals (see above responsibilities).
    • Referee all 8th grade intramural activities.
    • Organize the annual 7th grade “Activity Day.”

    Lunchtime Sports

    Co-ed sports including volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball and flag football are run by the ASB at lunchtime throughout the year.

    Colina Runs

    ASB Sponsored runs:

    • Turkey Trot - a cross-country run at lunchtime the week before Thanksgiving. Students qualify in PE class.
    • Rabbit Run - qualifying students run a relay race on a mile course at Colina in this springtime event.
    • Jog-a-thon - Each spring, all students run, jog or walk as many laps as possible during PE class at this fun event. The students get sponsors and collect money to support PTSA’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The funds raised help pay for technology and many programs at Colina.
    • 5k Run - hundreds of students join in this annual 5k run from Colina to the Teen Center, helping to raise funds and receiving a t-shirt. Students qualify in PE class, and 5 kids go on to a district run at the teen center.