EARTHS Magnet School is proud to announce that our 5th grade program, SHRUBS (Students Helping Restore Unique BiomeS), has expanded to include all grades! 

    SEEDS, (Students Experiencing the Environment by Doing Science), is available to K and 1st grade students. SPROUTS (Students Practicing Research Outdoors, Using Technology and Science), is a program for 2nd and 3rd graders. 4th and 5th graders will both be known as SHRUBS

    SEEDS, SPROUTS, and SHRUBS offer all students the opportunity to participate in a cross-curricular outdoor education program , which is aligned to their grade level standards. Activities are based upon state academic content standards and the EEI curriculum, (Education and the Environment Initiative), created by the California Environmental Protection Agency. 

    Field trips occur throughout the school year. The purposes of the outdoor programs for students are varied:
    • To enhance students’ understanding of science.
    • To practice inquiry-based science in a real world setting.
    • To encourage stewardship in our National Parks.
    • To offer a curriculum in an outdoor setting, that is multi-disciplinary, including language arts, fine arts, social studies, physical education, math and sciences. 
    • To practice character development.

    Each trip to a National Park is divided into three parts, including pre-visit, in-school preparation; a trip to the National Park; and post-visit reflection.

    Service learning is a major component of all projects. Student work includes restoration, signage, habitat awareness, and litter control.

    Students who exit the SEEDS, SPROUTS, and SHRUBS programs will be aware of the world around them, understand environmental issues, and have the ability to serve as productive citizens in the outdoors.

    Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

    Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area offers programs that can be done by the teacher in the classroom. These programs are self-guided.

    National Park Service sites are available to groups for self-guided programs. Sites like Paramount Ranch, Rancho Sierra Vista / Satwiwa, and Peter Strauss Ranch can accommodate larger groups and have picnics and other facilities available.
  • National Park Service Logo

    Students get to hike the Santa
    Monica Mountains once a
    month. The hike is guided
    by a Park Ranger.

    Students get to restore the 
    Santa Monica Mountains by 
    planting California native 
    plants in assigned plots.

    Park Rangers teach students 
    about the history of the area,
    the animals and plants as well
    as on-going research.