Child Care is Available at EARTHS

  • All CVUSD elementary schools offer Child Care before and after school, and most provide Kindergarten Enrichment programs. Families enrolled in any CVUSD school may enroll their child in any of the Child Care programs if the program at their school is full. (Arrangement of transportation to the other Child Care program is the parent’s responsibility). EARTHS program does limit enrollment, due to staff availability and room size.

    EARTHS mission is to encourage the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of the children who participate. The caring and qualified staff is able to provide a safe, nurturing, on-site environment that is designed to help all children feel successful. The Child Care Leaders are required to have a minimum of 12 units of college level training in Child Development. Both Leaders and Assistants are experienced in working with school age children and have taken training classes offered through the district. All Leaders and Assistants are also CPR and First Aid certified.

    The students enrolled in CVUSD Child Care have daily choices of activities and opportunities for individual expression. Students may choose to participate in arts and crafts, physical development activities, music and movement, computer and science centers and academic support. The curriculum emphasizes the development of a sense of personal competence and interpersonal skills, such as conflict management and group cooperation.

    EARTHS program supports children in developing skills to make good choices, play safely, build self esteem, and to become independent learners. To enroll in the Child Care program, a student must be enrolled in one of the CVUSD schools, be toilet-trained and able to meet his or her basic needs.