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    Environmental Academy of Research Technology & 
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     EARTHS Magnet School for K-5 students, offers each student a challenging curriculum that is interwoven with environmental science and technology.  We offer a diverse, content-rich, hands-on, engaging curriculum that provides students with unique opportunities through its integrated inquiry-based science curriculum, which utilizes the Exploration Center and bio labs, as well as an innovative outdoor learning program.

     EARTHS promotes learning as an integrated, interdisciplinary process rather than as a series of isolated subjects. The focus is on the earth, technology, life and physical sciences, providing students with an opportunity to learn through active engagement and in-depth science exposure.  By delving more deeply into subjects with a cross-curricular approach using science and technology as a unifying theme for exploration, EARTHS helps students acquire the tools of inquiry and expression. Each student can construct a personally meaningful understanding of the world and become an imaginative, independent thinker. This approach, coupled with service learning opportunities, a strong presence of parents, and our community partners, creates an environment where students develop a capacity for service learning, cooperation, and responsibility.

  • EARTHS Philosophy

    The EARTHS Magnet School philosophy is that each child must be offered a challenging curriculum which is interwoven with environmental science, focusing on earth, life and physical sciences as the basis for learning. Technology is a key tool for instructional and project based teaching and learning. The collaborative effort between students, teachers, parents and the community provide a wealth of opportunities for students to explore their world through integrated science and technology studies.

    EARTHS mission is to provide authentic learning where students are actively engaged in a comprehensive, inquiry-based classroom using the lens of environmental studies. Science and technology are woven throughout the school day as students participate in a variety of activities and project based learning that enrich and enhance the standards based classroom. Through the science strands and standards, students are provided unique opportunities to learn in the regular and outdoor classrooms. Students will apply and appreciate the relevance that science and technology plays in their own lives.

    Students are exposed to thematic units and special projects that provide a strong academic foundation that promotes critical thinking and problem solving.  Developing a global awareness is emphasized as students explore the wonders outside of the classroom, investigating National Parks and local universities, embedding a life-long enthusiast for the environment and learning.

Our Location

  • Located in beautiful Newbury Park, California, EARTHS Magnet School is located off of Borchard Road and Highway 101 at 2626 Michael Drive, Newbury Park, California. 

    EARTHS Magnet School is well maintained and our campus has undergone a complete modernization since 2003. This project included the installation of new doors, sprinklers, lawns, plumbing, and bathrooms. A lunch shelter, flooring and paint were added in 2005. New playground equipment was installed courtesy of our PTA, Auto Mall, and local bond funds, totaling more than $100,000. 

    As EARTHS Magnet School grows, we will continue to invest in the school facility to meet the needs of our students, faculty, and community. 


  • Honors

    National Wildlife Fund Top 10
    Eco-Schools 2015

    Eco-Schools USA Green Flag Award
    for Exceptional "Green" Achievement 2014

    Ventura County Board of Supervisors
    2011 Climate Age Action Award Winner

    2011 Gold Award in Healthy Eating,
    and the Bronze Award for
    Physical Activity

    Thousand Oaks Waste Watch Award 2010
    National Wildlife Federation
    Certified Wildlife Habitat #132,933

    Energy Star School 2010