• First through Fifth Grade
    Welcome to Music! At Madroña, our students engage in a dynamic wind ensemble class, or an interactive music class with our Madroña music teacher, Mrs. Sobrino. Each class at Madrona has a 30-minute music lesson on a weekly basis where students create, perform, respond and connect to music! All of the elements of music are included: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, texture, timbre, and expression. We will explore music from a variety of different genres, cultures, and time periods. 

    Everyone will have the opportunity to use lots of different instruments, ranging from rhythm sticks and egg shakers to hand drums and xylophones. Each grade level will also have special instruments reserved just for them!


    Many students take additional classes – strings, band, and choir! 

Our Music Teacher

  • sobrino Mrs. Sobrino has been teaching in the Conejo Valley since the fall of 2000. She has taught orchestra , choir, music appreciation, and music theory, along with a bunch of other classes at Colina MS, Redwood MS, WHS, and TOHS!

    Mrs. Bobrino spends most of her free time with her family and enjoys reading mysteries when she gets the chance!