Student Council

  • What is our Student Council Mission?

    Student Council gives students an opportunity to gain leadership and service skills. It benefits our Madroña population as well as reaching out to be of service to our community.

    How can I support our Student Council?

    We have a wonderfully supportive parent population at Madroña. Parents can best help their students by giving their children the opportunity to earn their own money to donate to causes such a Manna or Child Cancer Research and thus letting their kids feel the personal satisfaction of generosity and community involvement.

    How can I run for Student Council?

    Students can watch for Student Council Election bulletins each September, obtain a packet and complete the application, and then campaign for the office of their choice. Additionally, they must be in 4th or 5th grade, and have a B average from their prior report card. All students who run will participate on Student Council as members at large - thus becoming Representatives to disseminate information to our classrooms. The winners of the election have their title and accompanying responsibilities for the entire year.