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      Rathy Casperson

      James Cook

      • Mr. Cook

        (805) 497-7264 ext. 1132

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         Mr. Cook, Room #32

        Period Monday - Friday
        1 English 7CP
        2 English 7CP
        3 English 7CP
        5 English 7CP
        6 English 8H

        About the Teacher

        Mr. Cook has been teaching English for over 25 years; this is his 10th year teaching at Redwood Middle School.  He brings to the classroom many years of experience teaching high school as well as middle school and has served as a school administrator.  He holds a BA in English from SDSU and an MA in Educational Leadership from CLU.  He resides in Simi Valley with his family.

        "I love teaching students about the beauty and relevancy of Literature and Language Arts.  When we open up a book, we open up the world and bring it home.  My students challenge and inspire me as an educator, and it is my goal to challenge and inspire them.  Together, we are always learning something new."


      Melodee Smith

      • Mrs. Smith

        (805) 497-7264 ext. 1116
        Room 16

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        Class Schedule

        Period Monday - Friday
        A Guided Studies
        1 ELD 1 INTR LTRCY
        2 ELD 1 DSGN ST
        3 ELD 2/3 DSGN ST
        5 English 8CP

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