Our Redwood 6th Grade Teachers

      Nancy Joly-Cause

      • Mrs. Joly-Cause

        (805) 497-7264 ext. 1109
        Room 9

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        Welcome to Mrs. Joly-Cause's Home Page

        Period Monday - Friday
        1 English 6
        2 Social Studies 6 
        3 English 6 
        4 Social Studies 6
        6 English 8EDGE

        Please bring these supplies to class every day.

        Please replace supplies as needed.

        assignment notebook
         college ruled binder paper (8th grade) ; wide or college ruled binder paper (6th grade)
        pens: black, blue, red, and DARK color of choice
        colored pencils
        thin markers
        thin black marker
        1/16" plastic ruler
        handheld pencil sharpener WITH a cup to catch shavings
        2 pocket homework folder
        glue sticks (to start with--We use this A LOT--replace throughout the year, please)

        individual SINGLE SUBJECT spiral notebooks  ( 8 1/2 x11 ) ( Mead 5 STAR is the best ( 8 1/2 x11 ) but any manufacturer will do as long as it is          81/2 x 11.

         8th grade : Label both  as EDGE English and keep one in locker as a replacement.


        6th grade : Label one as English and one as social studies


      Leslie Martinez

      • Ms. Martinez

        (805) 497-7264 ext. 1127
        Room 27

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        Welcome to Ms. Martinez's Home Page

        Hello - Welcome to 6th Grade at RMS!
        English & Social Studies Rm #27 


        Period Monday - Friday
        1 English 6
        2 Social Studies 6
        3 English 6
        4 Social Studies 6
         6 Careers 6

        Ms. Martinez's About the Teacher

        This year is my 19th year at Redwood Middle School and my  35rd year teaching. I earned my bachlor's degree from The University of Redlands in 1985 and a master's degree in reading instruction in 2009.

        I live in Thousand Oaks with one of my two sons, our cats and hedgehog.


        Ms. Martinez's Extra Credit Policy

        All students will be offered the opportunity to do extra credit once a trimester in both English and social studies. The assignment will be offered in the last weeks of each trimester and is generally worth approximately 50 points.  I will explain the assignment in class, but the work will be done at home. Students typically have 1 week to do the extra credit. I do not accept any late extra credit assignments. When the offer is explained to the class, I will hand out an instruction sheet and post the extra credit timeline on my homework and calendar on my Redwood website.  Extra credit will not be given to individual students; all students will receive the same opportunities.

        When extra credit is scored, there will be a separate entry for it in Q. Students who do not do the extra credit will have a blank space. This blank space does not hurt anyone's grade; it is simply not part of the average unless done. There is no way extra credit can lower anyone's grade.

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      Susan Salvoski

      • Ms. Salvoski

        (805) 497-7264 ext. 1128
        Room 28

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        Welcome to Ms. Salvoski's Home Page

        Welcome to all my new students!    
        I am glad to be part of your child's education!
        If you wish to contact me, please email me at ssalvoski@conejousd.org.
        Period 1           English 6          
        Period 2           Social Studies 6
        Period 3           English 6
        Period 4           Social Studies 6
        Period 5           
        Period 6           Careers 6

        Ms. Salvoski's Recommended Supply List

        Students are recommended to have the following every day in class:

        • Lined paper (not torn from your spirals, please)
        • Two sharp pencils (two means when one breaks, the other is ready to go!) 
        • A pencil sharpener (with a shaving catcher) It helps so much!
        • Their own package of colored pencils
        • A small stapler with staples comes in very handy
        • A black pen (for all final draft work)
        • A red correcting pen
        • Another locker key taped in your locker (when you forget or lose your key, you can have it opened and go about your day!) Do you have another set at home?
        • A silent reading book- bring it every day to class

      Stephen Sipes

      Randy Smith

      Erin Swink