• CVUSD Preschool - Early Childhood Program

    C.V.U.S.D. preschool

    We have three locations throughout the Thousand Oaks Community.
    (805) 494-8100
    Director: Amie Mills

    The staff and administration at the CVUSD Preschool - Early Childhood Program know that young children thrive in safe, friendly and respectful environments. These elements are foundational and at the core of our program’s philosophy; a philosophy that fosters a child-centered curriculum and is based on the guiding principles of the California Preschool Curriculum Framework.

    • Relationships are central.
    • Play is the primary context for learning.
    • Learning is integrated.
    • Intentional teaching enhances children’s learning experiences.
    • Family and community partnerships create meaningful connections.
    • Individualization of learning includes all children.
    • Responsiveness to culture and language supports children’s learning

    The multi-age opportunity, along with parent participation, promotes empathy, self-regulation and leadership development.  We offer care and curriculum that is age appropriate for children’s developmental needs in a rich setting allowing for exploration, creativity, problem-solving, science, math, and language acquisition through play, group activities and individual choice. 


    Parenting Program and Cooperative Learning

    Parent-Participation Image

    (at Horizon Hills)

    33 Greta St.
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
    492-8837 x2001
    Program Coordinator: Danielle Senffner

    The Parenting Program serves over 600 local families and offers 40 different parenting classes - including: Parent Support Group (PSG), Infant/Toddler/2-year-old classes, Preschool: 3 to 5-year-old classes, Positive Discipline classes, and Pregnancy & Newborn classes.

    We believe that by participating in the classroom, parents will gain an understanding of the development levels and abilities of children birth to 5 years of age, and continue to appreciate the importance of the parent's role in their child's life.

    Through the use of our child-initiated setting, which has been carefully structured with the child's needs in mind, parents observe and interact with their own children and the children of others, as well as teachers and peers.

    A significant part of The Parenting Program curriculum includes opportunities for group and individual discussion sessions; access to materials from our extensive parenting library; and attendance at professional



    Wonder Preschool Image

    2801 Atlas Ave
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
    (805) 492-3567
    Director: Amie Mills

    At Wonder Preschool we provide preschool aged children with an enriched and stimulating environment that promotes Kindergarten readiness, nurtures learning, and fosters healthy emotional and social growth.

    Our teachers and students explore learning together, expanding curriculum into general inquiry.

    Our students are challenged to construct their own learning, think reflectively, pursue understanding of new material, and master new skills.

    As a learning community, we are committed to exploring new ideas, expanding and updating our knowledge and including parents and children as partners in the learning process.