Confidential Reporting

  • CVUSD has the legal obligation and ethical responsibility to provide a safe learning environment free of bullying, discrimination, intimidation and harassment. If you have directly experienced bullying, discrimination, intimidation and/or harassment, or witnessed such behavior, CVUSD takes this seriously and seeks to ensure you feel safe in reporting the incident(s).

    We encourage all students and families to first report any incidents to the school site principal, or a trusted adult on the school campus. All school staff participate in annual training regarding our obligations to prevent bullying, harassment, discrimination and intimidation - along with our obligation to respond to reports of such incidents. Therefore, school site principals and staff are trained to prevent and respond.

    You can find all CVUSD complaint procedures and information here.

    However, if there are circumstances where you feel uncomfortable reporting to school site staff, or you have reported to the school site and believe the response was insufficient to address discrimination, intimidation, bullying and harassment you are welcome to make a report, see link below.  Completed forms are followed up with as soon as possible.

    Therefore, it is possible for one to submit the confidential reporting form without including one's name or identifiable information - ultimately remaining anonymous.  We do request, to the extent possible, identifiable information be provided so that we can follow-up with you to gather more information and to check on your safety and well-being.

    To make a confidential report of harassment, intimidation, bullying and/or racism, please complete the Confidential Incident Reporting Form: English - Español